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I hope she wore her helmet

January 11, 2011 by k8

This story about a woman riding her bike to the hospital while in labor is awesome.

“She stayed home until the contractions reached three minutes apart and then started her bike ride to Theda Clark Medical Center at about 10:30am with her husband who was biking alongside her.”

Granted, it was only one mile, but still, three cheers for her. She was biking up to 5 miles a day and she got approval ahead of time. My doc advised me not to bike now that I’ve popped because my center of gravity has shifted. And while I won’t, I miss it a ton. I may go visit Thin Mint in the storage shed today and check her tires. Or something.


  1. Ma says:

    I like your doctor!!

  2. Kate Powell says:

    Three cheers for you ! Already thinking of your baby’s safety first !!!! yup…you’re a mom to be for sure !

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